Welcome Eat Cookie!

Welcome Eat cookie! This is something my husband often says to be funny after I have said thank you. It reminds us of one of our favorite movies but it also shows one of the things we are passionate about. Eating. We also love to cook. This is part of necessity but we also enjoy it. Trying a new recipe, being together as family, making something new, and doing it artfully is what we are all about. That does not mean we are stuffy. We love things that are easy but also gourmet. My brother once described us in French as gourmands. Food has enriched our experiences whether we are traveling to a new destination, visiting family in whatever place they may be living, or celebrating a new accomplishment. Things change along the way but one constant is how food can bring people together in a unique way. I hope to capture our adventures with food through everyday cooking, cooking and baking with our extended family, and through our traveling adventures. Bon appetit!

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