Past Lives

For our tenth anniversary we were in Paris. That made me think of how fortunate I am. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to go to Paris. At the time I could not pinpoint it to one reason why. A few years after the trip I realized why I loved Paris France so much, even as a child. My mother always made sure we had many books to read. I remember her reading Madeline to us and the tales of a mouse named Anatole. Recently I purchased a few of the Anatole books for my nephew Max who loves little mice. I started reading it to him and voila! I had a epiphany. Here was one of the reasons, a story of a little mouse from Paris. He was not only a mouse but a gourmand like me. He loved various and strange types of cheese. It gave me a warm wonderful feeling and made me realized that my mom had encouraged this love of Paris maybe without even knowing it.  She herself had also been to Paris as a teenager traveling with my grandmother on a tour of Europe. I love to hear the story my grandma tells of how my mom upon seeing the Eiffel Tower ran all the way to the base of it.

My own Eiffel Tower moment.
France was more then I expected. We were able to stay there for three weeks as my brother and his wife were living there. First was their hometown (at that moment) city of Lyon. We loved the croissants at a local boulangerie that Eric would walk to each morning. He brought us back the wonderful croissants still warm from the oven and delightful pastries. The smells and sites at Lyon’s outdoor market were intoxicating so much so that I really did not want to leave after those three weeks. The people too were amazing, more friendly then I expected. It did help that we had my brother and sister in law who speak French fluently.

My husband would walk here each morning to buy croissants
In Paris we were on our own for four nights.  Our hotel was amazing and each morning we would walk to another local boulangerie for wonderful pastries made with pate croissant (croissant dough) a sweet filling and almonds. I don’t know who was more put out by this daily exchange, the owner of the boulangerie or us! We only knew a few sayings and the “Donnez moi ca” ( I want that or give it to me) my sister in law suggested for shopping was easy to remember. But that saying accompanied with our pointing was probably not what she was used to! Still the food was the highlight. A dinner purchased at local shops of roasted chicken, fresh baguette, cheese, fruit and a bottle of wine ate by the river Seine was our anniversary dinner.  This year is our 15th anniversary and there is no way we will be able to top that simple dinner. But I have saved a bottle of 2004 Mas De La Dame – Le Vallon des Amants purchased on our road trip through Provence to celebrate this year. And oh yes it will awaken all those fond memories of five years ago!

March 15, 2007 The River Seine

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