A hard day and night.

      Working 12 hours shifts is rough. After 8 hours you really want to go home and after 10 hours your brain starts to shut down. If you work 12 hours shifts you know what I mean it is literally working all day and into the night. Words and sentences are not well formed and the things that come out are eventually are the equivalent of blah blah. This was my day yesterday. It was particularly busy at work especially the 3-7 pm portion of the day. Most of my work is up for display so I always have to be perky, upbeat and happy. “Try to smile more” is something I have heard a lot of lately. This is hard in the line of work I do, because I see a lot of tragedy. What does this have to do with food you may ask? Well after all that what I want to do is come home to a glass of wine and some take out. It is quick, easy, and tastes so comforting. Especially take out from our local Mexican restaurant. I love the cheesy salty goodness of the Chori Pollo. It is a rich tasting dish with chicken and spicy sausage covered in a melted cheese sauce. It is just what you need after an arduous day. However this love of take out has also led to the occasional adding of poundage. So I try to resist the take out urge.

       Eric is supportive of these long hour days. Last night after getting home from work I took a shower and rested on the couch while he made dinner. Like I said before we love to cook and it is out of necessity. Eric is a good cook through trial and error. He had to cook a lot growing up while his Dad worked long hours as well. After almost falling asleep on the couch dinner was ready. When I walked out into the kitchen I was impressed and extremely grateful. He had made coconut shrimp, stir fried snow peas and mushrooms, chimichurri rice and garlic naan. It was delightful. And it made up for (some) of the trials I had experienced at work that day. Here is a picture of his work. As a side-note I am going to do some research on photographing food. After the long day however I did not care that it is not picture perfect. But I hope you get the idea.

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