Beauty and the Feast

     Thursday night I had the privilege of attending an event hosted by the AIGA in Pittsburgh. It was a great night for such an outing.  It was an unusually warm and balmy evening in the fair city of Pittsburgh. I am falling in love with that city.  The event was showcasing works from different designers professionals and students alike. There was a lot of talent. Just a few from those submitted won awards, but they also showed the works of many non-award winners including my husband’s. It was kind of ironic however because some of the non-award winners or as my husband referred to them “reject pieces” were quite beautiful and recognizable. That was the funny part. The mailer that the AIGA used to promote the event was one such piece, a non-award winner but obviously it had merit. On the way home we saw another non-award winner piece on a bill board advertising Iron City Beer.

Roof top views of the city

I loved this piece
Checking out the exhibited pieces

     Later in the evening we were talking to one of Eric’s instructor’s spouse and he was saying how hard it is sometimes to create something. He referenced the movie Adaptation, which neither of us had seen. In this film the character is a writer and as he gets to working he finds many reasons to not work. Maybe I need a muffin was one of his excuses. Both Eric and I could relate to this.  We try to do something and for some reason we procrastinate.  But why?  Maybe it is the fear that if you create something someone or maybe even NO ONE will like it.  Maybe it won’t turn out perfect.  It is silly really.  Just trying is a victory and sometimes the failing is what makes us better.  It gives us the motivation to try and do better.  I know it has made me better at the stuff I try to do, like cooking.

I cant wait to check this place out!

     This is the first AIGA event I have ever attended but they do know how to put on a show.  The food was catered.  It was a wonderful spread of tiny sandwiches, mixed green salad, flavorful cheeses, breads, fruits and vegetables.  They also had an open bar serving wine and beers.  They featured beers from a local Pittsburgh brewing company, The East End Brewing Company, which I am ashamed to say I have never heard of until that night.  It was really tasty stuff.  Eric had their nut brown ale while I enjoyed their hefeweizen which they call Monkey-Boy. The night also gave us some inspiration for coming back to the city and enjoying more that it has to offer.  Above is a picture of the design for a burger joint cleverly named Burgatory. I cant wait to check this place out.  The night also gave me the inspiration to come home and create some beauty of my own. Heres to Beauty and the Feast.

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