The eggs to my bacon

     Hello there.  The eggs to my bacon is the curious title to this entry.  Today I am currently off work from my paying job.  Thank goodness it has been a busy and stressful few days around the old watering hole.  As a bonus, today is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and there is a wonderful breeze.  It started out like any other day.  I exhausted from work as usual, had literally crashed last night in my bed.  This AM since I was off I had planned on sleeping in which is just what I did.  However Eric has a busy week and was off to school/work.  I think I mentioned before he is pursuing his Bachelors in Fine Arts.  Prior to that though in my sleepy state he kissed me before he left.  This is our usual morning ritual.  But today as I was thinking, “I wish he had picked up some gasoline so I could mow the grass,” I remembered this morning.  We have been so busy lately.  It seems that when you are as busy as we have been, things just roll into each other and you tend to focus on what has not happened or what should have been done.  So today as I was sitting on my little deck drinking my coffee I started to think about this week and realized one thing. Eric and I are like eggs and bacon.  We go good together.
     There is nothing so basic and wonderful as eggs and bacon cooked together.  Seriously, bacon first is blah, a slice of fat, but placed in the iron skillet on the right heat it becomes something wonderful. It becomes slightly crisp, slightly soft with a pleasing crunch and salty bite.  It leaves behind a wonderful fat just so right for frying eggs in and as they fry they take on some of the flavors of the bacon. The egg’s white edges become brown and crackly reminiscent of antique lace while the center is delightfully soft and elegant. I kept thinking about this and it sort of reminded me of us.  We are going through a frying process in a way.  Lots of changes are coming around the bend.  The heat is on so to speak and it changing us and is producing something.  It may just be a fabulous breakfast or in our case a door of wide open possibilities. Eric is graduating this May and who knows what will be there in that pan at the end of the fry. For now I am just looking forward to a few carefree nights together cooking at home without looming deadlines. This is when I will say bon appetit!

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