Mexican fajitas

     Lately I have been a little lazy.  My mind is always screaming for take out.  It must be all the stuff they put in it that I’m unaware of that makes me crave it so much.  I tell Eric all the time I think they put something not so legal in it. Last thursday we had special reason to celebrate thus the extra thought about something for dinner.  Eric finished his installation for his graduating art show at The McDonough Museum of Art and I wanted to make something tasty and stimulating to the senses to celebrate.  I was thinking about pork chops Milanese but it just didn’t have the wow factor I was looking for.  Constantly thinking about Mexican take out I figured I could make some Mexican of my own.  It is much more healthy anyway and all the colorful vegetables, smells, tastes and textures would be sure to please my artist spouse.
     I called to mind something my sister in law had told me about mexican food.  She and my brother had stayed in Mexico for about a month many years ago.  She loved the food and said it was so much different, more flavorful and fresh then the Mexican food we have here in Ohio.  Listening to her recount the tales of homemade tortillas and fajita toppings of radishes intrigued me.  I am no stranger to the radish.  My grandmother loves them.  I have watched her eat them whole dipped in salt wondering why she did it.  Quite simply she would say, “I love them!”  My mom also used to put them in salad but  I was never really that impressed by them.  However  I do appreciate their beauty.  When I see them at the store or a farmers market they look to me like little gems, earth’s rubies.  It is then that I wish I enjoyed them more.  So due to all this I decided to give them a third try and use them the way Melissa said the Mexicans did.  I found them to be utterly tasty, as I have said before my tastes have changed. The satisfying crunch and slightly peppery undertones were pleasing to my palate and I ended up eating them the way my grandmother had.  “I love them,” my mind chimed!  They were also very tasty on the fajitas, I threw several into each tortilla. As did my dining companions.
     Sautéed red onions, red and yellow bell peppers, homemade chunky guacamole, charcoal grilled top round steak, fresh cilantro, crumbled feta cheese, and fresh chopped mango rounded out our list of toppings.  Eric also grilled the tortillas.  I loved this idea in theory, but they sat around for a while before we were ready to eat and became a little tough.  Ideally they should have been grilled just before served, note to self for next time! All in all dinner was fantastic.  This was a shared experience not only with Eric but also my brother and cousin. My cousin Lucas said dinner was just as good as any mexican restaurant, better in fact.  It was a fun night of feasting on fajitas, playing Parcheesi, and enjoying one another’s company.  And we all rediscovered and came to love the radish!

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