Garden fajitas

     Eric is in the kitchen again whipping up something fabulous. How do I know?  Experience.  Also the smells wafting from the kitchen are incredible.  While I drink an Edmund Fitzgerald, a hand crafted porter from Great Lakes Brewery I am listening to the sounds flowing from the kitchen. The sizzle of something sauteing on the stove, the sliding of vegetables from pan to plate, the scraping of glorious bits from its depths.  These are the sounds I love.  Echoing too is the pepper grinder and later the turning off of the burner.  “All right, ready?” I hear from the kitchen.  The shutting of drawers, plates clanging and moving about, the shredding of extra sharp white cheddar cheese, dinner is served.  Tonight Eric made what I  am calling garden fajitas.  It was shrimp fajitas, with diced green tomatoes, sauteed red pepper and onions, and a basil yogurt cream.  As I walk into the kitchen he says, ” I miraculously messed up the kitchen again.”  But who cares about that.  The smells tell me dinner is fabulous and it tastes even better.  Crunchy green tomatoes offer a tart, earthy, fresh bite that is unexpected.  Chopped basil, fresh from our garden, mixed with thick (and fat-free) tangy greek yogurt forming the best and more flavorful alternative to sour cream, along with plump shrimp and all the fajitas accompaniments made for a fresh and fabulous meal.

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