Welcome 2013!

     Good morning and welcome to the new year!  It is a party that we are all invited to.  Some lament over the passing of time but this year I am looking at it positively.  I may be older but I am wiser, time marches forward and so will I.  Stretching out, looking forward to the possibilities ahead of me and acquiring a good routine is what I will be striving for this year.  Many during this first month of the new year make resolutions, things they say they will accomplish, do, or achieve.  Time has proven these type of declarations usually fall flat.  Ads chime: A New Year a New You!  Personally I like the old me, with some added improvements.  Positively looking at the new year as a time for personal growth, I am making a few goals for myself.  Hopefully throughout 2013 I can work towards accomplishing them.
     Of course I have personal goals but this is not the platform on which I wish to share those.  Instead I will share the goals I have regarding this blog.  Goal #1 is in reference to meatless monday.  I arrived on the blogging bandwagon and also the meatless monday craze a little later than most but I still have a lot to offer.  For the next year I plan on having a recipe for meatless monday 90% of the year.  After some quick math that means roughly 47 weeks of vegan or vegetarian recipes.  This gives me a few freebies in case of sickness or when some tragic, random craving for beef occurs. I am just kidding.  I think I can pull off eating meatless one day a week for a whole year.  While I am giving myself some leeway as regarding blogging about it, there may be more than 47 installments.  I am excited about this goal.
     My second goal is related to my first goal and will help me to accomplish both.  It is kinda a two for one and makes it much easier to carry out.  I plan on eating healthier this year.  I have causally mentioned my love of take-out many times since starting this blog in March of 2012.  While I am not giving up take-out completely, I will continue to eat less of it, and hopefully recreate healthier versions in my own kitchen.  I promise to tell the tales of those creations plus more fish and overall veggie dishes throughout the week.
    After the first 10 months having my blog, I have seen some improvements in the quality of our dinner’s nutrition. Prior to that I think we slowly slid and ended up in a lack of real cooking slump.  Making quick dinners that I know were not the best in terms of fat, cholesterol, or overall nutritional content.  Goals like these will help to increase future nutritious meals and keep Eric and I on a healthy plane.  This to me is the best reward.  I hope in 2013 we will all be healthy, happy, and well-fed.  Bon Appétit!

One Personal Goal: Hiking More!

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