Food Coma

     After three days of reveling in a wonderful spot for a foodie, I am now in what I will call a food coma.  I am like a baby that is drunk on milk.  Full, contented, and utterly lazy.  We were celebrating our anniversary last weekend while visiting the Short North of Columbus.  It is a great spot for a weekend trip, just plan ahead and try to stay away during major holidays that involve drinking.  I speak from experience as this is the second time we have been out of town for our anniversary and have been drowned in people wearing green—-just about everywhere.  Were we thinking that St. Patricks day weekend would coincide with our wedding when we planned it a (cough interjected) few years ago?  No.  But kids here are a few things good to consider when picking a date for a wedding: What is going on near or on this same day?  What is the weather like this time of year?  We were just thinking about the here and now, and now our future selves laugh about our choice as we sightsee nearby cities in freezing cold temps surrounded by little green men and women who really like beer.
     Nevertheless we had a great time.  And now due to my expected food coma and that fact that I am a wee bit lazy now, I am enacting one of my free mondays that I talked about on my goals for 2013.  However while I may not be blogging about it right now I am whipping up a quick little meal with some awesome pasta I bought at the North Market while in the Short North.  It is packed with artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke pesto from Trader Joe’s, baby zucchinis chunked, and parmesan cheese.  I’ll be back next week with another meatless monday, and some more details about the Short North.  So come back around!  Thanks for reading and bon appetit!

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