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Chatham Vineyards while vacationing in Virginia

I love wine.  I love traveling to local wineries and touring them when we go on vacation.  Enjoying wine with a fabulous dinner is something Eric and I both look forward too. I like learning the ins and outs of wine making, wine pairings, and different varietals. However I am in no way a wine snob.  We have a laid back approach to learning about and drinking wine.  We once had someone tells us they were at a point in their life where they could only drink wine that cost more then $20 a bottle.  We still laugh about this to this day.  It is so absurd.  My question is what if that pricier bottle goes on sale?  One of my favorite sommeliers Andrea Immer once said a $10 bottle of wine is just better.

One day I was reading Cleveland Foodie, one of the blogs that I subscribe to.  The author did a write up of the upcoming Vintage Wine Festival, I was thrilled to hear about the event and decided to attend.  I often dream of going to one of those posh food and wine festivals in South Beach or Aspen but the price point stops me.  One day I may make the splurge.  But this afore mentioned festival held at Lake Metroparks Farmpark is just $30 dollars at the door! The price includes 25 tickets for wine tastings from the participating wineries.  Many restaurants, food trucks, and a variety of crafters will also be on site.  Here is a link to Cleveland Foodie’s coupon code for $10 off tickets at the door, and a little more information about the event.  The festival is in it’s 19 year and since this will be my first time attending I am super excited.  We invited another couple to attend with us.  She text me a few days ago asking if I had purchased tickets yet.  I replied no, as I was planning on using the coupon code generously provided by Cleveland Foodie and purchasing tickets at the door.  My friend works in the food industry and to my surprise she had scored us 4 free tickets through her connections at work! We are headed there today and I plan on sharing the experience with my readers later on next week.  Hopefully I don’t get to distracted by all the goings on around me and am able to take lots of pictures and a few little notes to share with you all! Stay tuned.

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