Vintage Ohio Wine Festival August 2013

Attending the Vintage Ohio Wine Festival was a wonderful experience.  What a venue and what a location!  Held at the Lake Metropark Farmpark in Kirtland, with large oaks and rolling hills it was perfect.  The soaring trees offered plenty of shade and the weather just happened to be ideal last Saturday.  Upon arrival we handed over our tickets (which we scored for free) and were given what is pictured below.  An engraved wine glass filled with 25 tickets to be surrendered for tastings and a brochure to record our thoughts. The brochure was really helpful because not only did it contain a place for tasting notes, but also listed the 14 participating wineries and all their different offerings with a brief description.  This made it really nice while waiting in line to plan what you were going to taste.

The grounds
     Our first stop after purchasing a little snack from some of the fair food venders was It’s Your Winery. Below is their board of wines offered at the festival and a link to their website.  I really enjoyed the Granny Smith Orchard a green apple riesling.  It was slightly sweet with a crisp granny smith tartness that was really tasty.  Everyone really loved this winery.  It was a festive and fun little tent as well.  Every time someone ordered the Lucky Monkey, a pomegranate zinfandel, everyone manning the tent shouted “Lucky Monkey!”  This winery’s name makes reference to another service they provide.  They give the wine enthusiast the chance to make their own wine.  The price includes all the supplies and equipment needed, assistance from their professional wine making staff, personalized labels, and is dependent on the type of wine selected.  It is a great idea for weddings, anniversary parties, or for the wine enthusiast that wants their own “house” wine.  Plan ahead however if planning on serving it at an event, it takes 5-9 weeks to ferment your own signature wine.
It’s Your Winery’s lineup
     At Grape and Granary winery, we had our first taste of Jalapeno wine.  It was very interesting.  For me it isn’t really a sipping wine.  It had a sweetness to it but then came the heat.  It was pretty spicy as one might expect from a Jalapeno wine.  They also had a chipotle wine, which was suggested for cooking and barbecue.  Eric and I didn’t plan this taste out too well as we both picked the Jalapeno wine.  But this one too would be great for cooking, adding a splash of heat to any dish.  Eric suggestion was a good one as well, he said it would add great flavor to mixed drinks such as a Mojito or Bloody Mary.
Plenty to see while waiting in line.
This group never lost a member!

Food Trucks were King

     After a few more tastings we were ready for some real food.  I was super excited to see the line up of food trucks that were present at the festival.  There were 3 present on Saturday and all of them had a different cuisine to offer.  Our friends headed to Zydeco Bistro and ordered up some hush puppies with bistro sauce.  Eric chose the Asian inspired seasame noodle bowl from Umami Moto.
I loved everything about this food truck!
     Here is Umami Moto‘s truck.  While I didn’t purchase food from this particular vehicle, it was my favorite truck.  I loved the vintage look of it, the green color it was painted, their menu and the sentiments they had on the back of their blackboard. It said, “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.  When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.” Some wine, philosophy and great Asian inspired food from Umami Moto!  Eric loved the sesame noodle bowl, lo mein noodles served cool with edamame, red cabbage, carrot and cucumber with a seasame-soy vinaigrette and adored with crushed peanuts.  It looked as beautiful as it was delicious.
Philosophy with our wine
     While Eric enjoyed his Umami Moto noodle bowl, I enjoyed my choice was well.  The Orange Truk was the first food truck menu that I looked at and was immediately drawn to the blue crab wrap.  The Orange Truk is ran by two classically trained chefs and specializes in farm to table cuisine.  The wrap I ordered was made on the spot and had fresh succulent blue crab, local greens, farm fresh tomatoes, and cucumbers.  I swapped out the balsamic dressing for one of the Truk made sauces H.M.T a sauce made spicy from ghost peppers.  It was exceptional.
     There were more surprises over the next hill.  More tents filled with great wines and more wonderful food.  Just look at this mobile wood fired pizza oven!  Our friends, Eric, and I both needed another snack and purchased two of these beauties.  They choose the margarita pizza and we choose the white pizza with loads of garlic and oregano.  The crust was superb and we all agreed the white pizza was our fave.  Who doesn’t love garlic.

All in all it was a great day.  The Vintage Ohio Wine festival just finished its 19th year.  This is the first time I have attended but can’t wait for next year.  I hope to be present at this event again.  I learned a lot about Ohio wines.  Ohio has a lot of wonderful wines, sweet and fruity as I expected but there was also a large selection of great dry wines as well.  Vintage Ohio Wine Festival: Great local Ohio wines, superb cuisine, entertaining live music, and loads of crafters all added up to a wonderful event.  I hope you enjoyed the sampling of pictures and some of my stories of the day.  The event takes place next year on August 1-2, and I am jotting it in my calendar!  Join me here next year!

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