Where I am headed…….To a Mawage!

Today I am attending a special event.  Anyone that has ever watched The Princess Bride will understand the reference above to The Princess Bride Wedding.  Today I am going to the wedding or “Mawage” of the youngest of my siblings.  I really was never sure this day would come.  My little bro always seemed content in his single life.  He was always out and about doing all sorts of things, volunteer preaching work, working hard volunteering his time on various construction projects, traveling to visit the many friends he made along the way, working hard with my Dad in his flooring business, and just being plain awesome.  I love my little bro.  Many times people felt they needed to question how he spent his time, wondering why he wasn’t trying to get ahead and make a lot of money so he would be “ready” when the time came for marriage.  After he became a certain age they wondered if he was ever going to look for a girl and settle down.

Time passed.  There was one girl that often came to mind for my brother.  I was not the only one to think of her.  I am not the fixing up type ~ I always figured that if a person had a combo of good qualities, wonderful personality, and good looks as my brother has they would do just fine on their own ~ but when the women of our family got together we would sometimes talk about such things.  We had known her for a while.  Our other brother was actually really good friends with her brother.  I could not resist the urge to tell my brother a few times, especially after seeing her at different functions we all had the pleasure of attending, “I really like Megan.”  He would only say, “Why are you saying that?”  “No reason, I just like her,” I would say as it was my policy to not play matchmaker.  It seems that when you push something on someone they end up doing the exact opposite of what you were hoping.  One day Caleb was hired to install the tile in Megan’s kitchen.  She had purchased a home with a lot of character, but it needed some work and she, being a very industrious girl, was making it her own.  Caleb finished working on the tile installation around November 2012 and that was it.  As more time passed I thought to myself, “I guess this isn’t going to happen!”

One day in late February I received a call from my brother, it was quite late and I wondered what was going on.  He blurted out excitedly that he was dating.  My mind was moving in all directions and I could not think of who it might be.  I nervously and excitedly asked “Who?” and he exclaimed, “Megan!”  I was so happy I started to cry.  Turns out he had actually liked her for a long time but was so busy and had some personal goals for himself that he did not pursue her right away.

The courtship ensued, an engagement occurred, and a wedding date was set for September 15th 2013.  Today is the day all the stress and craziness of wedding planning is over and now the event will be taking place in a few hours.  The weather forecast is perfect and it looks like it will be a beautiful day for these two. I am so happy for my little bro and his beau!  I hope both you and Megan have a life filled with countless joys, Caleb!  We love you both!  Welcome to the family Megan and we look forward to spending more time with you both in the near and coming future.

My Bro and his Beau!
      For those unfamiliar with the iconic reference to the Princess Bride here is a clip from the movie.  Enjoy!  I look forward to sharing details of the food from the wedding next week!
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