An OBX morning: Duck Donuts

     I thought I knew everything to know about OBX or at least the town of Duck.  We have been staying in Duck for the past 10+ years when we vacation on the Outer Banks or OBX as it is called by other kindred spirits.  The town of Duck is quaint, full of cute little boutique shops, great dining, and has close proximity to both the sound and ocean.  For our family it has been the perfect location.  Several of my co-workers have stayed in this same town and we all enjoy talking about our vacation plans and giving recommendations for great dining spots.  This year one such work buddy of mine named Melissa asked me if I have ever had a donut from Duck Donuts.  Much to my astonishment I had never even heard of the place.  She told me where it was and I was determined to find it.  She raved about the place.  The best part about the donuts she said is that they were served warm.  Yummy! I don’t indulge in donuts often but at times we do have some gifts of the cakey pastry left for us at work.   But a fresh warm donut on vacation seemed like the perfect indulgence.
     After a quick check of their website, I learned a little bit more about the establishment and how the ordering worked.  They were established in 2006 and other than the original location in Duck there are three more locations in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Corolla, to pick up one or a dozen of these delectable donuts.  Each donut is made fresh to order.  This is great for those that don’t want to get up early like me just to get a fresh donut.  The donuts are always fresh and warm here no matter the time.  They are made right in front of you after ordering!  They start out with the base donut which is a luscious vanilla cake.  It is the moistest cake donut I have ever had.  Customization is thru different sugars, icings, glazes and desired toppings.  I really wish they had additional toppings, I was hoping for something in the way of raspberry.  They also have an always changing donut of the day, which happened to be the maple bacon donut the day we visited.
     We walked from our beach house to the store.  It is in a great location right on the sound.  A boardwalk runs behind the shop which offers great views of the sound, a glimpse at all the wildlife, and great exercise after eating all those donuts! There are plenty of places to sit and view the sound while enjoying a donut or two or three!  The store opens at 6:30 am and closes at 3 pm.  Try Duck Donuts as we did the next time you vacay on the Outer Banks, you will not be disappointed!
The beautiful boardwalk
We ran into this guy on the boardwalk. Glad he didn’t pillage my donuts =)
Beautiful marshes
Great donuts and sound views! Life is good!
Our donut trio!
One happy customer!
Duck Donuts on Urbanspoon
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