Generations Coffee House

Generations Coffee House


This week I was introduced to Generations Coffee House in Columbiana, Ohio by my friend and newest sister, Megan.  Before I relate my experience here is a little of the back story of how I came to find this amazing little place.  Monday morning I was engaging in my normal routine on my days off, awaking after the guilty pleasure of sleeping in past 9 am, followed by checking e-mails, facebook and my newest obsession Instagram, all while drinking a cup of perked coffee.  I saw this amazing picture Megan had posted with the description of, “It’s about time Columbiana got a cool coffee shop with great coffee, music, and atmosphere.”  They had stopped by with the intentions of finding a place with free Wi-Fi and discovered a little gem where great coffee lived.  I wonder if Caleb will eventually come around to our coffee drinking ways!  Time will only tell.  I must say when I saw Megan’s post of pictures from the coffee house, I was very intrigued.  It looked like many of the hipster, trendy, and quaint little coffee houses I have had the privilege of frequently in places like Seattle, New York, and France.  My first question was, “where,” soon followed by “do you want to go tomorrow?”

Unfortunately Megan had to work the next morning and she was not able to join us.  However I was still able to go the very next day with Megan’s cousin and my good friend, Ashlee.  We had one of those Little Women moments later in the day as we discussed the recent wedding between my brother and her cousin, how we had always hoped another member of their family had married into our family, and how with this marriage between my brother and her cousin, “Now we are all family, as we always should have been,” to quote a line from the movie.  The whole day was a little surreal, at times I felt like we were transported to another era, and should have donned empire waisted dresses that morning as our discussions covered the importance of marrying well all while antiquing in quaint historic downtown Columbiana.

My Charming Companion


If the conversations and antiques did seem to take us to another time, it was Generations Coffee House that brought us back to the future, that is glimmering reality and caffeinated heaven.  Ashlee actually beat me here and through the large front window I could see her sitting comfortably on a leather settee.  The inside of the place oozed ambience, warmth, and a trendy hipster vibe.  After greeting each other we headed up to the counter where a youngish guy in his early to mid-twenties welcomed us.  He was a happy, friendly, pleasant chap very ready to help us out and give us any recommendations.  I immediately started asking him questions after he had helped me to decide on a cappuccino with vanilla flavoring and the last scone.

Generations Coffee: Cappuccino
My Cappuccino and Scone, it tasted as beautiful as it looked


Generations is owned and run by a husband and wife team and opened about two months ago. Our server was a friend of the owner who was working there that particular day.  He told us that the coffee is purchased from Commonplace Coffee Co. a coffeehouse and roaster in Pittsburgh, Pa.  I also learned that Generations focuses on community and makes every attempt to use local products.  They purchase baked goods from local bakers and all the milk products come from Baker’s Golden Dairy in New Waterford, Ohio.  When I hear this I am instantly in love with a place,  I love that an establishment has a commitment to community and sustainability.  Their focus on the community goes beyond the products they serve,  each month they have a rotating display of art work from local artists.  The art on display is also for sale, thus helping to support not only awareness of local artists but the artists themselves.  Generations also has live music from 7-9 on Friday nights.  I plan on checking this out sometime soon.

Generations Coffee: Impressive Machine


After ordering we sat down at one of the many tables and chatted things up while waiting on our coffee.  Each cup is made to order.  It really was some of the best coffee I have ever tasted.  The syrups are all homemade  (I learned this from my bro who was told this when he visited), further adding to the coffee drinking pleasure.  My scone was tasty, but I really wished they had more to offer in the way of food.  We arrived at the place at noon so I was a little hungry as I had not eaten lunch.  They only had one last scone and several delicious looking rice crispy treats to offer at our time of arrival.  The lack of food was my only criticism of the place, but do not let this deter you from a visit.  The coffee alone is worth the drive, which for me was a little over a half an hour.  The combination of tasty baked goods, coffee, an establishment that supports the local community’s farms and commerce, and a chance to view art and listen to great music is a winner in my book.  I can’t wait to return!  Be sure to check out Generations Coffee House’s facebook page to keep up to date on current happenings, hours, artists showcased, and most importantly location!

Generations Coffee: Latte Art
Ashlee’s beautiful latte


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