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A month ago I received an e-mail from the social media manager for the Meatless Monday campaigns.  It was a call for original recipe submissions to help encourage the Meatless Monday initiative, from many other Meatless Monday Bloggers like me. The challenge was to submit a recipe that was heart healthy, which means low in fat, low in saturated fat, low in cholesterol, and high in fiber.  The recipe also had to yield a delicious and visually stimulating product.  They wanted the whole package, delicious, scrumptious, and nutritious. I jumped in and submitted a few of my recipes for consideration.  Much to my delight my recipe for chickpea and avocado salad sandwiches made the cut!  Today is the release of the free e-book and it contains quite a few delicious looking items ranging from breakfasts, lunch, dinner, and desserts.  They are all heart healthy, packed with goodness for your body, and look stellar.  I can’t wait to try them all.  Each recipe has nutritional information broken down for you, and best of all the e-book is FREE!  Get yours today and get motivated to join the Meatless Monday campaign and start on a heart healthy journey!  Make one of these delicious recipes today.  Your body and all those that you feed will thank you with their whole heart.

Chickpea & Avocado Salad Sandwich
Chickpea & Avocado Salad Sandwich


Here’s a picture of my winning recipe, it’s winning in more ways than one.  It may be a little unusual, a little off the beaten path, a little out of the box, but the unexpected is joyously wonderful.  Even my carnivorous husband ate the salad right out of the container before I could even make him a sandwich.  He also requested that I make it again which is a great compliment as to the tastiness of this sandwich.  If he loved it, you will too!  So try this little gem of a sandwich on any of the other recipes in the We Love Comfort Food:  Heart Healthy Meatless Monday recipes.

(I am pretty proud of this!) Nutritional information for my sandwich is the breakdown here as provided by the gang at Meatless Monday:

Nutrition Info per serving: 320 calories. 10g total fat. 2g saturated fat. 0mg cholesterol. 179mg sodium. 51g carbohydrates. 11g fiber. 1g sugars. 12g protein.



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