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Who doesn’t need a little or even a lot of inspiration in the kitchen?  I am frequently on the prowl for inspiring ideas, recipes, techniques, and other such little helpers in the kitchen.  I signed up for emails a while ago from the people over at The Kichn, and it has proved to be just the ticket for such things.  They offer great recipes, inspiring stories, kitchen design ideas and more.

The kitchn

Recently, I was excited to receive an email from them announcing The Cooking Cure 2014.  Just what is this cure?  It is a 4 week program designed to help and encouraged daily home cooking.  Help and inspiration comes through daily emails beginning with the first on March 3 and running through March 28.  The Kitchn’s Cooking Cure will guide the home chef first with small 5 minute assignments and will end in a final week of 21 home cooked meals.  It is designed to get the home cook out of their eating and cooking rut, whatever that may be.  The first 3 weeks focus on a different meal each week, breakfast, lunch, then dinner.  The final week puts it all into practice.

Thekitchn: the cooking cure 2014

I am really looking forward to this challenge and I hope my readers will join me!  My rut is probably breakfast,  I always have either an English muffin with almond butter or a yogurt.  Dinner too will get a tune up in our household as we either have takeout or dine out about twice weekly.  Here’s the link to sign up or click on the image above to learn a little about the program, which seems to me like a laid back and encouraging experiment.  Join me as I try it out and together let us each break away from our cooking rut, we can share our progress on Pinterest, Instagram, twitter, or Facebook with the #cookingcure.

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