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Thekitchn: the cooking cure 2014This weeks cooking cure has been focusing on breakfasts.  It’s been a busy week but I did have a good look at what I eat every morning.  Usually I am at work by 7 am four days a week and being that I am not really a morning person I have several alarms set so I can hit snooze a few times.  Despite this I make sure never to skip breakfast.  It is the most important meal of the day,  and I would rather forgo doing my hair than skip breakfast, just ask my coworkers.  Being that I don’t have a lot of time in the morning before work, breakfast is usually a quick item in the toaster with a schmear of nut butter, or something ever quicker.  Even on my days off I am a girl with breakfast habits.  My top breakfasts in order of what I eat most:

  1. toasted English muffin with homemade almond butter and agave nectar
  2. yogurt
  3. cereal
  4. a breakfast sandwich from the coffee cafe at work
  5. some times I get a little fancy like I did here:

    breakfast for one
    Calamata bread with cilantro orange butter and scrambled eggs with red bell peppers. This I made for myself one morning when I was off work.

That’s pretty much what I eat every day for breakfast, number 5 is the occasional deviation.  As I look at my list I realize now that my breakfasts are usually pretty boring and lack luster.  No freshness, no fruit or veggies included (number 5 is the exception), and I am not going to count the premixed fruit in my yogurt. I could do much better.  The next assignment from the cooking cure after listing my breakfasts from the past week and thinking about it was to find 5 new recipes to include in my morning routine.  I found several inspiring ideas but narrowed it down to 3.  Since our morning routine is quick and we are out the door, I wanted to find some inspiration for quick breakfasts that would be practical for our busy, on the go lifestyle.  I did a quick google search for on the go breakfast and these were some of the top inspiring ideas.

  1. 9 fast healthy breakfast ideas from Real Simple.  I really like the idea for breakfast pizza, with thick crusty bread, ricotta, chopped fresh tomatoes and a drizzling of olive oil.  Pizza is one of my favorite things so why not for breakfast!  The cereal sundae was also a good one for breakfast since it incorporates yogurt, cereal, and fresh fruit.  It is similar to what I eat anyway but with a healthier tweak.  I think I would use vanilla Greek yogurt, some of my favorite granola, and strawberries.  This could even be made up the night before, I love containers like the ones made by sistema just for this type of thing.  That way I could hit the snooze just a few more times and still have a better breakfast!

    Sistema breakfast on the go
    I love these little containers for breakfasts on the go. Eric takes his every morning with instant oats, dried fruit, brown sugar, and spices. Plus it has a built in spoon!
  2. 12 smart ideas for breakfast on the go from Cooking Light had great ideas as well and included suggestions for keeping the pantry and fridge stocked for quick healthy breakfasts.  Some of which I was already doing. Score!
  3. Buzzfeed had some out of the box, unique, and truly inspiring ideas collected from various blogs and presented in their 23 on-the-go breakfasts that are actually good for you article.  These were my favorite items on the list:  I loved the peanut butter, banana, and strawberry quesadilla from Ambitious Kitchen, and since this was the first time I discovered this blog I had a good look around.  There are a lot of inspiring breakfast ideas, check out the blog’s recipe index.  Another favorite were the make ahead egg muffins from Multiply Delicious.  These are great because they can be packed up, stored in single servings in the fridge or freeze, great for grabbing while running out the door and reheated at work later.  I also want to try the muesli scones from Elana’s Pantry.  I love this recipe because it is chock full of dried fruit and nuts, which I already had most of the ingredients in my pantry.  I also appreciated that it is gluten free so it is something I could share with my mom.

Today I am at home waiting for a package to be delivered and we all know how that goes.  I could pre sign for it but I risk the chance that someone might steal it.  Our Garmin was actually stolen recently so I am reluctant to do that. Hopefully they arrive soon.  Afterwards I will be headed out to purchase the ingredients for the egg muffins, muesli scones, and the peanut butter, banana, and strawberry quesadillas.  That will be good for all of next week and possibly longer.  The egg muffins and muesli scones should keep longer and the recipes yield more than we will eat in a week anyway, the fresh fruit quesadillas will be for sunday morning since I don’t work until 3 pm. The Kitchn’s cooking cure helped me think a lot about my breakfasts, and hopefully they will improve by not being so boring, and have better nutrition.  Next week we will already be delving into making over lunch and I really wish there was a week in between each assignment week to put all these suggestions and things I have learned into practice.  What do you eat for breakfast?  Is it an afterthought or is it planned?  Do you have to have protein for breakfast?  Are you sweet or somewhat savory in the morning?  Just referring to the way you take your breakfast of course!  I would love to hear from my readers!  Leave me a comment below please and thank you.

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