It’s been awhile….

Time has been flying by. I remember when I was a kid the school year seemed to last forever. Time creeped and crawled and individual moments, those both fantastic and awful, seemed to continue on endlessly. I never thought summer break would arrive. Now time moves at such a furious pace it seems hard to catch your breath! Things have been busy and crazy here as well and two months have passed since I composed any of my thoughts for the world to read. In that time we have been busy. Some good times and some heart wrenching times have come upon those around us.

It is good in some ways that time moves at a seemingly steady pace the older we get. It makes the hard times in life not so drawn out and the good times of life sweeter.  I am glad my perception of time at 37 isn’t the same as it was when I was 8, especially when tragic events befall us.  For me I realized I need to appreciate the good moments in life as they happen, try to slow these times down in my mind as they occur, embrace the moment and wrap myself up in them as they come.  Two months ago we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.  It was a great day filled with plenty of good eats which I will share soon, I promise.  What I can’t believe is that I have already been married that long!  Then just two weeks ago I attended the wedding of my youngest cousin, who it seems like only yesterday was the flower girl in our wedding.  It was a great day spent with family and friends.  I also met the newest member of our family, my sister’s baby boy.

That is just a brief rundown of some of the positive things I have enjoyed over the past two months.  Hopefully next week I will be back with another Meatless Monday recipe or just a tale of cooking in our humble kitchen.  Even though I haven’t written in the past two months, I gained 2 new subscribers, which I am so thankful for!  Thanks for taking the time to read about my little space in this world!  For now here are a few pics of my life over the past two months.

March 15, 2014:  Sneaking a kiss outside of bar Marco on our anniversary.  Celebrated with an awesome brunch served up here.
March 15, 2014: Sneaking a kiss outside of Bar Marco in Pittsburgh’s Strip District on our anniversary. Celebrated with an awesome brunch served up here.
March 26, 2014: Ben and Hillary's wedding shower.  I can't believe this beautiful woman was once my little flower girl
March 23, 2014: Ben and Hillary’s wedding shower. I can’t believe this beautiful woman was once my little flower girl
Wedding shower cookies. The cookies were made in sign language for I love you since my cousin is deaf. So creative and tasty!
Paint and sip
March 30, 2014: My first paint and sip. Such a wonderful creative outlet. That’s me in the back row in the orange shirt and my sister-in-law Eric’s sister is to the right.  She’s so dear to us both!


Double date night
April 12, 2014: Me and my awesome sister in law on double date night


My guys
My little brother and husband on our double date


Lunch with Mom
April 8, 2014:  Lunch date with my mama at Aladdin’s
Me at my paying job I’ve been working a lot!
Memorial 2014
April 14, 2014: Eric and I are at the Memorial of Christ’s Death
May 3, 2014. Meg and I all dressed up for my little cousins wedding.
Clowns in a car
May 3, 2014: Clowns in the car I called this one! On our way to the wedding reception.


Holding baby
Holding my little sister’s sweet baby and my mom just won’t let go!
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