Life is Beautiful ~ a photo montage

It’s been awhile since I wrote a post.  Since September of 2013, I’ve been to five funerals.  Three of those funerals were either mine or Eric’s family members.  First my grandpa, then his grandpa, then my beloved grandma.  In the middle of my grandpa and his grandpa’s passing, Eric’s grandpa was first diagnosed with bone cancer. Eric’s grandmother was staying with her daughter at the time, while his grandpa was in the hospital, which was a blessing, because while all that was going on his grandparents house caught on fire and was damaged beyond repair.  All of this stunned me for awhile.  In a way I became catatonic, unable to write or share any of my feelings about the matter.  Of course all the while I was thinking, contemplating, and pondering over life.

My grandma was one of the loves of my life.  In fact, she was beloved by many.  She was a happy, positive, generous and gracious woman.  She was a great influence in my life.  My mind tends toward the negative at times, but when I was around her, I couldn’t help but be filled with a postive energy. She was easy to talk to and share whatever I was feeling on a matter, this was especially helpful during my teenage years. The day of the funeral we had little silver cards for people to share a memory of my grandma.  It was over whelming how many people commented on the fact that she was always smiling and happy. I want to be more like that.  She left us with quite a legacy to live up to.

My Grandma circa 1970's
My Grandma circa 1970’s
"Grandma in Detroit" June 2014 a few days before her death
“Grandma in Detroit” June 2014 a few days before her death


In my family, I am the photographer.  The one who likes to document the family in pictures.  Pictures of family meals, pictures of our yearly pilgrimage to the Outer Banks of NC, pictures of the seemingly mundane aspects of life such as gardening, working outside, or just ordinary days together.  After time past, the acuteness of the loss had subsided, I was able to review those photos I had taken and they brought me much comfort.  I started putting together an album of the year 2014.  What I discovered was how unified our family as a whole was and is.  The year was spent with family, our family, Eric’s and mine. It wasn’t a formal event that only took place once a year. Time together in a variety of activities, some happy, some heartbreaking, but no matter what we were together supporting each other. I am happy for that and I know the ones we have lost would have been happy too. I leave you with a few of those moments.

Oven mitts Man
“Oven Mitts Man” family dinner January 2014
"Cool Uncle Eric" February 2014
“Cool Uncle Eric” February 2014
"Paint and Sip with Juliana"
“Paint and Sip with Juliana” March 2014
"Visiting Grandpa Thomas" April 2014
“Visiting Grandpa Thomas” April 2014
"Lydia contemplates after the fire" May 2014
“Lydia contemplates after the fire” May 2014
"Sweet boy and his Strawberry"
“Sweet boy and his Strawberry”
"Grandma in Detroit" June 2014
“Grandma in Detroit” June 2014
"Max and Me"
“Max and Me” June 2014
"Thank you for the memories" after my grandmas funeral June 2014. Grief makes you do funny things. Like take family photos.
“Thank you for the memories” after my grandmas funeral June 2014. Grief makes you do funny things. Like take family photos.
"Little Brother, Big Sister"
“Little Brother, Big Sister”
"Family dinner"
“Family dinner” Detroit July 2014
"Zip lining family"
“Zip lining family” September 2014
"Cousins" September 2014
“Cousins” September 2014
"Family Dinner at Colington Cafe" September 2014
“Family Dinner at Colington Cafe” September 2014
"The Girls"
“The Girls”
"The Guys"
“The Guys”
"Breakfast with Max"
“Breakfast with Max”
The End
The End Is only the beginning


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