Self portrait 2014
   Hello and welcome to my Family of Foodies!  I’m Jordan, the voice behind the posts.  My husband Eric is the other half of my Family of Foodies team.  He is my constant companion in the kitchen, taste tester, home chef, designer, and energetic encourager.  Together we form the creative couple behind this blog.  I started this blog back in March of 2012 to help me focus on some of the positive things I truly love and enjoy such as cooking, traveling, photography, and writing.
     For us two cooks in the kitchen has never been a problem.  It is just one way we enjoy spending time together. We both enjoy cooking and eating at home. Traveling is one of our passions and eating out at times a necessity.  (We all need a break in the kitchen!)  Here I hope to capture our passion for food through our stories of everyday cooking, cooking and baking for (and with) family and friends, and our travel adventures.  Eric and I both come from big families and have plenty of fodder for comic adventures and misadventures in the kitchen.  I also have many past nostalgic tales of dinners served at our family home, of mine and my siblings crazy dinner table antics and other such delightful tales of my mom’s efforts cooking for me and my three other siblings.  Her hard work influenced all of us and inspires me to this day.
Currituck Lighthouse, Outer banks of North Carolina
The Mediterranean Sea Cassis, France for our 10th anniversary
     I am from a small town in Ohio where we currently live, and Eric hails from a similar type of small town in West Virginia.  However this has not stunted our love of food, we enjoy trying new things and eating whatever cuisines or unique dishes we are served up.  (Within reason of course!) Trying a new recipe, being together as family, making something new, and doing it artfully is what we are all about. That does not mean we are stuffy. We love things that are easy but also gourmet. My brother once described us in French as gourmands. Food has enriched our experiences whether we are traveling to a new destination, visiting family in whatever place they may be living, or celebrating a new accomplishment.  I hope to share the triumphs and some of the mishaps we have had and continue to have along this journey.  Things constantly change in life but one constant is how food can bring people together in a unique and wonderful way. Since we live in a small town with a limited amount of foodie resources, we are always out and about seeking great foodie spots.  I plan on highlighting our best finds here as well, whether near or far. So enjoy and Bon Appetit!
My Family and I in North Carolina enjoying an al fresco seafood dinner
Le Carrousel Montmartre, France Enjoyed Pizza with fried egg atop!
Fish monger at outdoor market in Paris, France
My Bro enjoying and Hubby really enjoying a beer Lyon, France
A variety of beers flavored with syrups: Lemon, Mint, and Strawberry
Our morning ritual while in Lyon: croissants from this wonderful boulangerie
Kayaking the marshes of Onancock Virginia 2012
Hiking the South Kaibab trail 2013


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